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It’s the Doctor Who needs rescuing in this Christmas special sneak peak

The Doctor Who Christmas special, like the holiday, is now only a month away, which means it’s time for a proper look at the latest addition to the tradition. We caught a featurette early last month, which promised the return of newly reformed Nardole as well as “The Return Of Doctor Mysterio,” which is the episode’s title. This sneak peek finds the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) running into an American journalist (played by English actress Charity Wakefield) while trying to get to the bottom of whatever freaky experiments are going on. “Brains that have a mind of their own—Americans will never believe that,” the Doctor teases her, perhaps not realizing that she’s frightened out of her own mind right now. Nardole breaks the tension ever so briefly before they’re all held at gunpoint by a guy who’s probably not the mad scientist behind all of this, but who nonetheless gets politely, efficiently thrashed by Justin Chatwin’s superhero.


You can catch the full event on BBC America on St. Stephen’s Day Eve.

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