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It’s Mariah’s World, we’re just watching the trailer for it

The video above is not a trailer for Mariah Carey’s new reality series—the Grammy-winning diva would never deign to film such a thing. Rather, it’s a teaser for her upcoming docu-series, Mariah’s World. See the difference? Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s all bask in the Glitter and glow that make up Mariah’s World. She plays a mean air-recorder while working with her composer, hangs out in castles but isn’t above playing around with her kids at some kind of Gymboree, and goofs off with her staff. There’s also champagne, sass, couture, and—God and Mariah willing—puppies.


The clip offers a sneak peek at the limited reality-based show that Carey filmed with E! crews, but the singer and sometime-actress gave the audiences a different taste of the series at the Television Critics Association summer press tour (yes, that’s still going on). TV Club editor Erik Adams got the goods from the panel, including a greatest hits CD and Carey’s thoughts on TV and her contemporaries.

We’ll all be in the orbit of Mariah’s World come December 4.

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