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It’s Always Sunny finally becomes an ’80s snowboarding comedy in new teaser

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia has had a good 10 seasons on FX and FXX, but it turns out that there are only so many stories you can tell about a gang of unrepentant assholes, the bar they own, the varyingly terrible people they encounter in their daily lives, and one really cool duster. Based on this new teaser for the show’s upcoming season, though, It’s Always Sunny will finally be transforming into the kind of show it was always meant to be: An ’80s bro comedy about cool snowboarders, preppy skiers, and greedy businessmen who love to build things on mountains. Granted, this whole snowboarding thing will probably just last for one episode, but who can worry about reality when this trailer also happens to feature Stan Bush’s “Dare,” a totally radical track off the soundtrack to 1986’s The Transformers: The Movie? Nobody, that’s who.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia will premiere on FXX on January 6.


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