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It’s a creepy dance party in this very brief Twin Peaks promo

Against all odds, Twin Peaks will soon be returning from the mysterious extra-dimensional lodge where it’s been trapped since being canceled all of those decades ago. Filming on Showtime’s revival just started last month, so the show itself is still pretty far off, with co-creator Mark Frost suggesting a premiere date in 2017. Still, Showtime needs to make sure that none of us forget about Twin Peaks before then, so it’s released a thrilling new teaser for the show that provides us with a whole bunch of clues about what will be happening in the upcoming revival.


Oh sure, to the untrained eye it may just look like The Man From Another Place dancing while creepy music plays in the background, with both the footage and music (as far as we can tell) both lifted directly from the old show. But there’s always something deeper going on in the town of Twin Peaks. Is this the real Man From Another Place? Is this even a promo for the real Twin Peaks? Maybe it’s all an illusion, meant to lure us into the dark realm of Showtime so our souls can be stolen and our bodies possessed by evil forces? We’d tell you the answer, but the mystery is actually a lot more exciting than the truth.

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