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Issa Rae has an awful night out in the new Insecure trailer

In HBO’s Insecure, creator and star Issa Rae plays a character named Issa Dee who, in this latest trailer, has a pretty awful night out. Just how bad is it? Well, she does a strange little dance in order to walk back an outstretched hand when it turns out a dude is introducing himself to her friend rather than to her. There’s also a blow-up in a car with said pal, made worse by the fact that Issa is texting during the confrontation.

At the Television Critics Association summer press tour over the weekend, Rae explained that she wants to “portray authentic black female friendship” in the series, which also stars Yvonne Orji. The latest trailer features a taste of that in addition to the trademark uncomfortable moments from the woman behind The Misadventures Of Awkward Black Girl.


Insecure premieres October 9 on HBO.

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