John and Gus begin their discussion of “Fifi,” this week’s Better Call Saul episode, by tackling a perennial Better Call Saul question: “Is Howard a dick?” Gus tries to convince John to find some sympathy for Howard in a painting on his wall, but John doesn’t feel so forgiving.

No examination of this episode would be complete without a few words on the 4-minute, Breaking Bad-style tracking shot that opens “Fifi.” But we highlight smaller details, too, like the “XEROX Color” sign that accompanies Jimmy’s photocopy-palooza montage. And John and Gus focus much of their conversation on a less flashy aesthetic choice—the geometric compositions that director Larysa Kondracki employs throughout the episode.

Finally, a number of commenter shout-outs for this episode: Thanks to Viva La Tabula Raza for letting us know that the actual plane Fifi is on tour right now; to Your Boyfriend Now for correcting our pronunciation of Rhea Seehorn’s name; and to toque a cobrar, Pepenador, and Dirtbike Milksteaks for helping John embarrass Gus.