For centuries, humans have likened pornography a powerful cat. There are ancient cave paintings that show explicit drawings blacked out or obscured by a larger drawing of a cat's paw—The obvious message being, "This porn will scratch your eyes out, much like a cat." In Victorian England, men were made to eat graham crackers to lower their libidos, and warned to avoid the seedier areas, where "the rabid tabby cat" (aka pornography) roamed. And so today, with the advent of Internet pornography, once again the ol' porn = powerful cat message is making the rounds.  For example, the following ad explains that every time you click through to porn, a cheetah kills an antelope somewhere. Or something.

(Via Buzzfeed)

See, internet pornography is like a cheetah—mostly because cheetahs are erotic. And meant to titillate. And widely available. And easy to make up meaningless statistics about. Likewise, Internet pornography is a majestic large cat that lives in the Serengeti. Any questions?