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The Price Is Right’s prize complex sits in a nondescript corner of the CBS Television City lot right in the middle of Los Angeles. At any given time, the 28,475 feet of warehouse space is packed full of everything from hot tubs to iPhones, Jet Skis to dinette sets. The show estimates that it has over 3000 prizes with a total worth of $5 million currently in its inventory, including 35 cars and three boats. It’s a lot of stuff, and it’s all winnable on The Price Is Right.

The A.V. Club visited the warehouse earlier this fall and spoke with the show’s co-executive producer and director, Adam Sandler. (Yes, he’s heard all the jokes.) In the video above, we talk about how Price prizes, how the show’s giveaways have evolved over the years, and what happens to prizes that go unclaimed.


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