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In a satisfying season finale, the Riverdale teens becomes pawns in a villainous revenge fantasy

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Who saw that one coming? In its season three finale, Riverdale finally unveils the true identity of its Gargoyle King, the puppet master behind two years worth of serial killers, addictive role-playing games, and intergenerational family trauma. Was it obvious? Sure, but it’s also wholly satisfying, and it clears the table for the season ahead. Dial M For Maple re-examines the trials and tribulations of The Core Four in “Survive The Night,” and celebrate the return of icon Nana Rose. Plus, hosts Marah and Cameron name their MVPs of the season.

And that’s a wrap on Dial M For Maple for the season! We’ll be taking a bit of a hiatus for now, but we hope to return when Riverdale—and maybe even Katy Keene—starts back up in the fall. In the meantime, we’ve got big plans for a special episode coming in June, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @DialMForMaple for all of the latest Riverdale-related news and updates. On behalf of Cameron and Marah, thank you to everyone for tuning in! We love talking about Riverdale, but it’s really hearing from our listeners that makes Dial M For Maple worth it.


We know that all of Riverdale’s third season will drop on Netflix on May 23, so, if you’ve got friends catching up, please encourage them to follow along with Dial M For Maple, too. They can subscribe here, and can even drop us a review over on Apple Podcasts.

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