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Humanity isn’t thrilled about being saved in the Childhood’s End trailer

Tapping into the hot trend of nostalgia for all things 1953, Syfy has unveiled the full trailer for its upcoming miniseries adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke’s sci-fi classic Childhood’s End. The three-night event had a panel at Comic-Con this weekend, where director Nick Hurran reassured fans that alien entity Karellan will indeed look the way Clarke described him. Of course, you won’t know that from this trailer, which makes a pretty big deal out of the fact that no one on Earth sees what this creature looks like.


The story revolves around alien ”overlords” coming to our planet and announcing they’re here to usher in a new golden age for mankind. No more war, hunger, or poverty—it’s all going to be taken care of. But not everyone is so thrilled about the idea of a utopia created by an unknown creature, and the story largely deals with the ways that different people deal with this revelation and subsequent change to human life. Voiced by Game Of Thrones’ Charles Dance, the alien overlord impacts the show’s various characters—played by Julian McMahon, Daisy Betts, and Orange Is The New Black’s Yael Stone, among others—in very different ways. If you’ve never read the book, tune in when the miniseries premieres in December and find out if this whole idea of childhooding ending is a metaphor for the human race or what. And if you’ve read the book already, tune in to see if Syfy screwed with it too badly.

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