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Hugh Laurie gets back to cranky doctorin’ in the trailer for Hulu’s Chance

Hugh Laurie spent eight seasons mastering the art of cranky doctorin’—grumpy testing, fussy bedside manner, and the all-important ornery diagnosis—on Fox’s House, M.D. Now, after a brief break to play a charming politician and a glowering arms dealer on Veep and The Night Manager, respectively, the British actor is getting back to the peevish field that served him well for all those years, by starring in Hulu’s new psychodrama Chance.


The streaming service released a new trailer for the show yesterday, giving us our first glimpse at a Laurie doctor (a forensic neuropsychiatrist, this time) who’s grouchy not because of chronic pain, but because he’s being sucked into a world of mind-bending melodrama by one of his patients (Gretchen Mol). Still, all you have to do is hear Laurie growl, “I will not accept that this problem cannot be solved”—American accent still gravelly and intact—to know that he’s settling right back into that comfortable, quarrelsome medicine groove.

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