How To Properly Dispose Of A Sex & The City Trivia Game:

1. Put on protective eyewear and a Hazmat suit.

2. Gently pick up the box, careful not to jostle its contents (Girls Nite In! suggestions are extremely volatile when agitated).


3. Do NOT pour the Sex & The City Trivia Game down the drain. Hot pink could contaminate your water supply.

4. Place the box in a lead-lined safe, or other specially-designated hazardous waste container.

5. Contact your local government for information about hazardous waste collection centers.


Alternatively, you could just drive to Syracuse, leave the game on the steps of a Civil War monument, and let the bomb squad take care of it.

From (via NYMag)

Clinton Square was cleared of people this afternoon as Syracuse police examined a suspicious box left at the base of the park's Civil War monument.

A passerby reported the suspicious box to police about 2 p.m. and police were standing by the box while waiting for a bomb disposal expert to examine it.

The box is a metal "Sex and the City" trivia game container.

UPDATE: Police reopened Clinton Square at about 4 p.m. and determined the box did, in fact, contain game pieces from the "Sex and the City" trivia game.


Mystery solved! You can never be too careful. Just look at that trivia game, sitting there on the steps, like a big fuschia middle finger in the face of our freedom. It's like the posters say: If you see a Sex & The City trivia game, say something to the police.