Slash. Grunt. Squish. Groan. These are the some of the sounds produced by a very busy Game Of Thrones foley department for one of the stabbing-est episodes yet, “Sons Of The Harpy.” In today’s DVR Club, Katie Rife and John Teti ask whether HBO is pushing its aural gore beyond reasonable limits: John praises the fun choreography of Jamie Lannister’s swordfight on the beach but questions the massacre of the final moments. Our two critical combatants also assess the early stages of Cersei’s manufactured religious war and speculate on the next steps for Daenerys as chaos erupts in the heart of her young kingdom.

For more Thrones analysis—largely free of hypothetical bi-curious romance—be sure to peruse at least half of our double-barreled review coverage for “Sons Of The Harpy.” You’ve got Erik Adams’ review for newbies, and there’s also Myles McNutt’s “experts” review for those who have read the books.