In Polite Fight, we examine the cinematic storytelling of our favorite TV shows, sometimes even fighting over them—politely, of course.

After finishing off the Better Call Saul season, Polite Fight is back—you’d hardly knew it left! John and Gus turn their analytical attentions now to Game Of Thrones, starting with the season premiere, “The Red Woman.” Comments from DanTheKingOfSockMonkeys and Tecumseh kick off our discussion of the eponymous priestess and the show’s lighting choices for her scenes. But we save that part of the discussion for last, first taking a look at how the show makes sophisticated, unobtrusive choices that elevate the storytelling in two fight scenes and the assassination in Dorne. Our assessment of Tyrion and Varys’ stroll through Meereen is less laudatory, but Gus has a theory about why the dynamic between these two beloved characters fell flat this week.