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Monty Hall always loved Zonks. The co-creator and longtime host of Let’s Make A Deal first introduced the concept of a Zonk—basically, a booby prize—to the show during his tenure on screen. At the time, Zonks were often animals like goats and donkeys, but as time has gone on (and animal rights laws have evolved) the show has come to feature more “artistic” Zonks, like “Fur-arris” and living rooms made entirely out of cardboard.

Nowadays, those Zonks come out of the creative offices of Jersey Feimster, whose actual job title is “Head Zonk Maker.” The A.V. Club visited Feimster’s backstage office earlier this summer to check out all the Zonks in action, as well as hear about what makes a successful on-screen bait-and-switch.

The new season of Let’s Make A Deal begins airing this week.


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