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RuPaul’s Drag Race is officially an international phenomenon. The campy reality competition series now has spin-off adaptations in Thailand and, as of this Friday, the UK. Combine all that with the 11 seasons of American Drag Race—plus four seasons of All-Stars—and glamour crazed fans now have dozens upon dozens of hours of gender-bending television available for their conspicuous consumption.

But for those watching at home who aren’t all that familiar with long-term tucking, wandering pads, and the intricacies of good contouring, some aspects of the show’s transformations might remain a bit mysterious. Having some pointed questions ourselves, The A.V. Club took to the floor of RuPaul’s Drag Con In Los Angeles earlier this year to find out specifically how all our favorite televised and non-televised queens get their wigs to look big, bushy, and like they’re absolutely not from Party City. Special thanks to experts Gloria Divina of Wigs & Grace and Laundra Tyme of Wigs By Tips for answering all our dumb questions.


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