An intense debate in the comments on Donna Bowman’s review of the Better Call Saul season two finale fuels much of John and Gus’ discussion of “Klick.” Which character is worse, morally speaking: Chuck or Jimmy? Comments from Meth Lab Shenanigans; Agent Jack Bauer, junkyard cat; and sallgood_man provide a rough sampling of the debate, and ultimately Gus and John both come down on the daring, radical “it depends” side of the argument.

Our hosts also turn their attention to the sound design in Mike’s sniper scene and Kim’s heartbreaking reaction to Jimmy’s commercial. Kudos to Viva La Tabula Raza for noticing that Jimmy’s wholesome appeal to the elderly is followed immediately by a fitting ad for a certain brand of garden tools.

That concludes our mannerly debates of Better Call Saul for the year, but we’ll be cordially scrapping again next week over Game Of Thrones. Thank you for watching!