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How about some Tales Of The City?

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Here’s what’s happening in the world of television for Friday, June 7 and Saturday, June 8. All times are Eastern.

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Tales Of The City (Netflix, Friday, 3:01 a.m.): Happy Pride Month, Tales Of The City has returned. Some of the faces in this new Netflix series, helmed by Orange Is The New Black’s Lauren Morelli with author Armistead Maupin on board as an executive producer, should be familiar to viewers of the two Showtime outings, including Laura Linney and Olympia Dukakis, but there are some new faces too. One of them is Caldwell Tidicue, who you might know better as Bob The Drag Queen. Here’s Pilot Viruet on the new season:

Tales Of The City is most interesting when it touches on the delicate nuances of queerness, the competing opinions between generations or just between a couple with differing ideas. When a stranger asks Margot and Jake about their plans to have children, Margot balks at the idea that they’re being mistaken for a straight couple while Jake just seems happy that he’s passing for a cis man. Tales Of The City features a queer woman engaging in a polyamorous relationship, a gay couple navigating their first threesome, and a woman mulling over her partner’s hope for an open relationship by spitting out, “contrary to everyone else in the 21st century, I love monogamy.” Tales wants to show the spectrum of queerness and relationships, and even when it falls flat or doesn’t commit enough, it’s still pretty admirable.


Seems like a worthwhile way to spend a weekend. The season enters, purse first, on Friday morning.

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Wild card

Designated Survivor (Netflix, Friday): Get ready for some more 24-meets-The-West-Wing-meets-Scandal hijinks from President Tom Kirkman and his administration. Resuscitated by Netflix after cancellation by ABC, the series will now, presumably, include profanity. Keep an eye out for Allison Shoemaker’s pre-air review.

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