The season four trailer for Homeland is here, ushering the show forward into a world without its Emmy-winning lead actor, Damian Lewis. That leaves Claire Danes’ Carrie Mathison and Mandy Patinkin’s Saul Berenson to take over the reins of saving the world from inevitable ruin, all while having jazz-scored wine freakouts in dimly lit interiors.

The big question for season four is what the show is going to be about, now that it’s not about Carrie and Brody’s relationship. In the trailer, winkingly scored to Emily Jane White’s “Hole In The Middle,” the show offers a glimpse: Rupert Friend, playing operative Peter Quinn, looks to have an expanded role, while House Of Cards/The Strain actor Corey Stoll joins the cast as the CIA station chief in Pakistan. Also, Carrie has had her baby—whom she has to leave behind with her sister, when she goes on a mission to Pakistan and Afghanistan. Homeland returns October 5.