Time Traveling Bong

With the highest of holy days fast approaching, Comedy Central has released the trailer for Ilana Glazer’s new weed comedy, Time Traveling Bong. Although we could argue that every bong has some time-traveling properties—just ask this guy—the one featured in this miniseries seems far more potent: A few puffs send the pair of cousins played by Glazer and Paul W. Downs back in time to the Mesozoic era, then forward to some laboratory in the future. They even drop in on the Salem witch trials, but their buzz is harshed when their bong is broken and Glazer is subjected to some old-fashioned peine forte et dure. They attempt to repair their water pipe and get home before doing too much damage to the space-time continuum, but not before “creating” the King Of Pop.


Time Traveling Bong premieres April 20 after the Broad City season three finale, and will be rolled out over three consecutive nights.