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High Fidelity is getting a more upbeat TV reboot

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First they came for your Ghostbusters, and you railed against the ruining of your childhood. Now they come for your High Fidelity to lay waste to your 20s: Deadline reports that Disney is adapting Nick Hornby’s 1995 novel (and, by extension, its 2000 film adaptation) into a gender-swapped TV show that’s an “optimistic-in-tone mixtape/diary rom-com...intended for family co-viewing.”

This from the film that begins, “What came first: the music or the misery”? It looks like the series will depart from the book but capture “the romantic comedy and authentic spirit of the original source materials,” says Deadline. Like how John Cusack’s misanthropic Rob Gordon owned a record store and liked to make mixtapes! And cassettes are back!

The series plans to focus on a female record store owner who, as in Stephen Frears’ film, talks directly to camera about her past relationships. Bull and Ugly Betty writers Veronica West and Sarah Kucserka are behind the project, along with production company Midnight Radio (which includes Scott Rosenberg, who shares a co-writing credit on the High Fidelity movie).


Disney plans to include the High Fidelity show in its upcoming streaming service, which Deadline notes “is not expected to feature R-rated movies or series,” so the show will nix any Tim Robbins types having loud marathon sex upstairs and keep it strictly PG-13.

Disney’s new platform is expected to launch in the fall of 2019. There’s no word if High Fidelity the show will shoot in Chicago like the film did, but if it does, please note that Wicker Park is no longer cool. Maybe try Pilsen?

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