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When Hey Arnold! went off the air in 2004, it left with a cliffhanger—and a map. Both will come back into play with Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie, which will air on Nickelodeon this November. The culmination of years of Arnold questions, The Jungle Movie finds Arnold and his pals about to enter the sixth grade, and as fans will see in the new preview of the film, just slightly updated for 2017. In the teaser, narrated by the show’s creator, Craig Bartlett, Arnold-heads can get a look at what’s up with Arnold, Gerald, Phoebe, and Helga, as well as a brief glimpse of San Lorenzo, the island pictured on that aforementioned map and the setting for Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie. It’s not much, but for fans who have been holding out for Hey Arnold! for over a decade, it should be enough.


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