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NBC may have canceled Believe, but the network hasn’t given up on magical sci-fi. On May 19, we’ll get a shadowy glimpse into an alternate dimension, one in which the Supreme Court has struck down one of our country’s most fundamental laws: the one preventing anyone other than a white male from hosting a network show. For just one evening, we can see the Late Night Without Seth Meyers that might have been, as his fellow Saturday Night Live alum brings us The Maya Rudolph Show

In this more enlightened universe, Rudolph has brought back the traditional variety program, joined nightly by a parade of stars for an hour of top-flight music and comedy. This particular night will include SNL colleagues Fred Armisen, Chris Parnell, and Andy Samberg, as well as ready-for-prime-time stars Kristen Bell, Sean Hayes, and Craig Robinson. Less famous but no less funny, Diallo Riddle and Bashir Salahuddin—two former Jimmy Fallon writers who are now creating a half-hour comedy for HBO—also show up at the end of the clip. Bandleader Raphael Saadiq and musical guest Janelle Monae didn’t make the promo, but are promised to appear.

Alternate Universe Lorne Michaels, always eager to pledge his support to black female comedians, produces the long-running, beloved hit show that certainly isn’t just a tantalizing one-off in that other, happier dimension.

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