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Here's an exclusive Archer clip about gun safety

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Archer is releasing clips of ISIS training videos in the run-up to the show’s new season in January. Last week Uproxx featured a video of HR Director Pam Poovey teaching conflict resolution with an insolent Lil’ Pam hand puppet, and now we’ve got an exclusive Dharma Initiative-esque training video on gun safety for agents on the job. And there’s no better instructor when handling dangerous field equipment with strict safety precautions than Sterling Malory Archer. (Seriously, for the love of God, why is Lana not the one demonstrating?) Allegedly there to teach firearm safety, Archer is of course a sloppy mess, on the verge of creating havoc every second he holds onto his pistol. What he ends up doing is teaching the newbies exactly how not to handle yourself on a gun range: carrying a drink in one hand, gesticulating wildly, firing many times without ear protection, dropping the gun, which waits a beat before discharging and hitting a bystander. It’s the perfect example of Sterling Archer having a good time and some ridiculously poor safety skills when it comes to other people.


Tune-in: Archer, All New Season, January 13th only on FX.

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