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Here’s the trailer for WEtv’s new demon-hunter series from Eli Roth and Jason Blum

WEtv is getting into the genre game with a new supernatural series from horror filmmakers Eli Roth and Jason Blum called South Of Hell. Set in Charleston, South Carolina, the series stars Mena Suvari as Maria Abascal, a “stunning” demon-hunter-for-hire who tracks down the evil creatures that inhabit innocent people. She’s helped by her brother David (Damages’ Zachary Booth), which makes it sound like this will be a slightly spookier, female-fronted Supernatural.


Naturally, Maria’s also struggling with her own inner demon named Abigail (Suvari, pulling double duty). According to WEtv, “Maria and Abigail share a soul and a destiny, but as Maria desperately tries to overtake Abigail, she will discover how far Abigail will go to remain a part of her.” The show also stars Bill Irwin as Maria and David’s cult-leader father, Lamman Rucker (Meet the Browns) as a priest with a crush on Maria, and Lydia Hearst (Cabin Fever: Patient Zero) as a Southern Belle.

For its premiere, South Of Hell is trying to replicate the binge-watching experience on traditional TV. On November 27, WEtv will air all seven episodes of the series in a row starting at 6 p.m. EST in what the channel is billing as a “Black Friday Binge.” In other words, it’s all of the exhaustion of a Netflix binge-watch without any of the flexibility. Those who prefer to watch the show on their own time can find it on VOD and download-to-own after the end of the marathon.