Ever since we first learned of Fox’s new series about a disgraced former cop who is killed and then reanimated into a younger body, we’ve been offering up superior names for the show. Not surprisingly, the producers of the series kept doing the same thing as well. But they finally settled on the blandly inoffensive Second Chance, despite it being obvious that we’d all rather watch a program called FrankenCop.

Now there’s a trailer for the series, which premieres January 13, goes more into detail about the story and tone of the show. It looks like a pretty clear redemption arc, as Philip Baker Hall’s murder leads to his resurrection at the hands of two tech billionaires (Dilshad Vadsaria and Adhir Kalyan), only now in the beefy body of True Blood’s Rob Kazinsky. Will he investigate his own murder? He will. Will he engage in fisticuffs? You bet. Does the whole thing seem like a case of too many cooks whittling down a series to a laundry list of cliched story beats? Absolutely. Still, we’re holding out hope, because this comes from Rand Ravich, creator of the excellent and equally badly titled Life, and spinning gold from dross is kind of his whole shtick.