Season three of Nickelodeon’s The Legend Of Korra just ended about a month ago, but the network isn’t wasting any time burning off the show’s fourth and final season. As we reported earlier this month, Nick will start uploading new episodes to its website every Friday starting on October 3, and now there’s an official trailer to give us a glimpse of what the next season will look like. As can be expected from an Avatar show, there’s a lot of kung-fu posing and elemental magic attacks, but what’s less predictable are all of the shots of mechs, Korra hacking off her hair, and the cool airbender wingsuits. Legend Of Korra will be jumping to three years after the conclusion of its last season this time around, so Korra’s new haircut is probably just the beginning of its interesting new changes to the status quo. Oh, and this trailer also features a reference to a major character from Avatar: The Last Airbender, but we won’t spoil it here. Just watch the trailer.