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HBO seals its alliance with Apple with a new Game Of Thrones trailer

At the same presentation where HBO CEO Richard Plepler announced the company’s new alliance with Apple—a move almost certain to lead Netflix and Hulu to amass troops and maybe marry their children to each other as soon as news reaches them by raven—Plepler also unveiled a new trailer for the fifth season of the network’s flagship series Game Of Thrones. As in the dynamic world of cord-cutting Internet TV, the balance of power on the show appears to be shifting, although the methods used to obtain said power are slightly bloodier in Westeros, especially now that net neutrality is a thing. (Target’s champion failed, so it got pushed through the Moon Door.) Anyway, some people fight, some people scheme, Jon Snow looks sad, the dragons have grown, Tyrion Lannister grew a beard, it’s a Game Of Thrones trailer.


Game Of Thrones returns to HBO—and HBO Now, if you have an Apple device—on April 12.

[via The Verge]

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