There's a reason why the old adage "Sex sells" isn't "Sex and likening your made-up food product to testicles sells." That reason? Well, let's just let Hardee's show you:

(Via AdAge)

Yum! Doesn't all that testicle-talk just make you hungry for whatever those unappetizing sugar biscuit franken-globs are? It just really must be so difficult for Hardee's that they can't come up with a name for them and so instead have to rely on the public to make all their balls jokes for them.


Well, you asked for it, Hardee's. Here are a few name suggestions for, as you so colorfully put it, your holes:

—Genitals ("I'll have an order of Genitals," has a nice ring to it)

—Basket 'O Lamentable Innuendos




—Eunuch's Delight

—Chocolate Salty Balls, But Without The Chocolate Or The Salt, And With Seminal Vesicles Made Out Of Biscuit Dough 


—Tastee Testes

—Castrato's Special