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Happy Halloween! Here’s a trailer for Lifetime’s Grumpy Cat Christmas movie

It’s officially Halloween night, and that means things are about to get spooooky here at Old Man A.V. Club‘s Haunted Mansion. We just finished our annual reading from the Necronomicon, we said “Bloody Mary” and “Candy Man” a bunch in the bathroom, and we walked away from a Ouija Board without saying goodbye. Satan himself should be here any minute, so there’s only one more thing to do if we want this place to be as scary as possible: Watch the trailer for Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever, the upcoming Lifetime movie that stars Parks And Recreation’s Aubrey Plaza as the eponymous famous feline. It’s got a cat, it’s got children, and it’s got Christmas, all of which are the perfect ingredients for the most terrifying 60 seconds of this or any Halloween. Plus, there’s a scene were Grumpy Cat shoots some bad guys with a machine gun, and then later she acknowledges the fact that she’s in a Lifetime movie. Why are these things happening? Because it’s Halloween, and the night now belongs to ghosts, goblins, and Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. Have fun sleeping tonight! Mwahahaha!


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