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Hannibal’s Hugh Dancy starts another cult in the trailer for Hulu’s The Path

After subsisting for months on a will-shattering limited diet of teaser trailers and Simpsons references, we’ve finally got a full trailer for Hulu’s The Path to sink our teeth into. The series stars Hannibals Hugh Dancy—no stranger to inciting fevered enthusiasm, bizarre rituals, and the urge to wear weird articles of clothing in his followers—as the leader of an organization that is definitely, probably, almost certainly not a cult, and Aaron Paul—reprising his own TV history as a well-meaning dupe lead on by a dangerously charismatic leader—as a guy trying to find his spiritual way in the world.


Complete with blood, snakes, a bunch of creepy-looking hallucinations, and a whole lot of faux-gospel-y music, the series looks like it might provide wayward viewers with the Dancy-starring lunacy (or Paul-involved violence) that they’ve been searching for since Hannibal and Breaking Bad went off the air. We’ll know for sure when The Path debuts on Hulu on March 30.

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