Last night, AMC used the launch of the latest product in its Walking Dead Finale line to whet appetites for the network’s next advancement in one-hour TV drama technology: Halt And Catch Fire, a drama set within the world of the mid-1980s PC boom. The trailer is heavy on Eurythmics and light on specifics—we’d expect no less from the people who made “On the next Mad Men” one of the most inscrutable phrases in the English language—but there’s plenty of flash, just like a preview of any given Next Big Thing from Lee Pace, Scoot McNairy, and Mackenzie Davis’ real-life tech world equivalents. Exciting features of Halt And Catch Fire include: A promise of Social Network-compatible corporate intrigue, a sharp retro-styled visual presentation (with more Social Network echoes in all of those Fincheresque shadows), and Davis’ Aimee Mann-circa-the-“Voices Carry”-video hairdo. AMC will unveil Halt And Catch Fire to the public on June 1, advancing the network’s period-piece infrastructure a good decade-plus between the halves of Mad Men’s final season.