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Gus Fring is back in a new teaser for Better Call Saul season 3

We’re exactly one month away from AMC’s premiere date for Better Call Saul season three, meaning it’s time to start getting really excited about sibling rivalry, con-man shenanigans, and delicious fried chicken. The latter, of course, is being served up by Los Pollos Hermanos owner (and Breaking Bad favorite) Gus Fring, who—as previously teased—makes his brief but politely triumphant return in a new teaser for the show’s upcoming season.

Meanwhile, all the show’s other volatile parts are still in motion: Mike’s sniping people, Jimmy and Chuck are plotting to destroy each other, and Rhea Seehorn’s Kim is just trying to get shit done while the self-destructive chaos all around her builds.


[via ScreenRant]

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