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Grey’s has some good news and some bad news for you

Photo: ABC
Photo: ABC
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Because The A.V. Club knows that TV shows keep going even if we’re not writing at length about them, we’re experimenting with discussion posts. For certain shows, one of our TV writers will publish some brief thoughts about the latest episode, and open the comments for readers to share theirs.

  • This entire episode was kind of a string of a “good news, bad news,” or “if, buts.” The daughter you thought was dead is alive, but she is schizophrenic and may not remember you. Your son is getting a new kidney, but it’s from his abusive father. We’ll lift your suspension so you can come back to work, but you have to play nice with the new person in charge of residents. Some of these were more successful than others, with Samaire Armstrong as the mentally ill prodigal daughter a particular standout.
  • Of course, that daughter’s return was likely just a giant anvil-ish foreshadowing of Riggs’ girlfriend Megan returning, so that he too can feel super-guilty about his sister being alive all these years and him not knowing. I did not hate Maggie that much in this story though! Wonders never cease.
  • That wonder did not transfer to Jo, who of course had to make the mother-son kidney transplant all about her. Sure, the mom probably would not be thrilled to learn that her ex inadvertently saved the family, but she would have to prefer that to being dead, or having her son being dead. And then Jo lying to the mom: She can’t do that, right? Whatever, Jo: I’m sure that plot is setting up the return of her husband as well, who she is also still married to, just like the kidney mom never got divorced either. But you could see that “plot twist” coming a mile away; of course the dad was going to be a match.
  • In other non-shocking news, Arizona and Eliza are already making out! Because they are the only two lesbians at the hospital, and they both like steak fries! It’s so annoying because there is practically no reason for them to be together otherwise; they have no chemistry whatsoever. And I’m not really getting what Eliza’s amazing teaching techniques are: Yes, she’s more hands-off, but let’s not forget that that ended in disaster just last episode.
  • I also always like Meredith’s talks with Richard, and am glad she chose him over Bailey, at least until this episode.
  • Why is Amelia.
  • Is any other network as loyal as ABC is to its players? That was Once Upon A Time’s excellent Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, as the kidney son; Samaire Armstrong used to be on Dirty Sexy Money.
  • April standing around stammering about who gets the kidney only underlines how much she is not ready to be chief of anything, least of all surgery.
  • So Alex is just back, and no one’s like, ”Oh hey, man, welcome back. Close call with the jail time, huh?”
  • See you on March 9!