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Grey’s gets back to its stomach-churning self with a wormy episode

"I don't get what Maggie's so upset about either." (Photo: ABC)
"I don't get what Maggie's so upset about either." (Photo: ABC)
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  • I admit I have many resentful feelings built up toward Maggie due to her many, many childish reactions and outbursts before this. This familiarity is just breeding more contempt, because I can barely stand to watch her any more. The whole Maggie-Meredith fight storyline makes no sense. It would if these characters were on Riverdale, but they’re grown-ass adults. Maggie liked Riggs for about two seconds and asked him out once. That’s the entire issue. Doesn’t she know how ridiculous she’s being? Doesn’t she know that the proper response here is, “Oh my gosh, I’m so happy for you,” even if she doesn’t exactly mean it? Doesn’t she realize how much Meredith has lost, including a husband, and that she also deserves happiness? Doesn’t she ever think about anyone except herself?
    She doesn’t, I know she doesn’t. It doesn’t make it any easier to watch, sulking and pulling surgeries because the guy she once liked rubbed her sister’s shoulder. Yes, Meredith kept some things from her, but she explained her reasons for doing so. I hate this storyline so much. And I would rather see Jackson with April than with Maggie and I hate Jackson and April.
  • Maggie’s behavior was even more egregious when compared to Veronica, who bravely carries her son to almost-term even though it means the end of her life. I’ve loved Bridget Brannagh since Army Wives, and she was amazing here, definitely the best story of the night. Maggie can’t even comprehend that kind of selflessness.
  • Besides Maggie, also not a fan of the worms. Again a completely heavy-handed Grey’s metaphor, this time about the sinister things that might be lurking inside someone that you don’t know about. And how it’s better for these toxic hidden things to see the light of day. Like Meredith’s secret about Riggs. Or the way Richard and Catherine eventually learn to give in to each other. But those worms were really, really gross, starting with the vomiting. Again, hard to watch.
  • Oh my God, I don’t even think I can watch next week’s episode. This show just loves kids in peril. And maybe Alex could catch a break for once?

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