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Goddamn, Trump’s inauguration is horrible—why not watch A.V. Club Live instead?

Photo: Bloomberg / Getty Images

A.V. Club Live is our daily chat show, broadcasting live via Facebook every weekday at 10:30 a.m. Central.

Depending on how you’re feeling today, it’s either just another Friday or the first day of a four-year hellscape. Either way, join us on A.V. Club Live where we’re tackling the week’s top news stories with our NewsFire crew. We’ll be talking about the inauguration and, specifically, who is performing and what we should expect from them. We’ll also look at the controversies surrounding Steve Harvey and Rob Schneider. And, of course, Soulja Boy is back in the news, feuding with an ever-widening list of rappers.


Tune in and leave us comments in the post below.

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