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Verizon is attempting to bulk out its go90 streaming service—home of real-life Running Man game show The Runner and Funny Or Die’s satirical Tween Fest—with another batch of scripted comedy. Today, the service released a trailer for its upcoming political comedy Embeds—co-produced by now-former Fox News personality Megyn Kelly—about a group of journalists following a milquetoast presidential candidate around on tour.

The feel of the project is a bit like a political version of Showtime’s recently canceled Roadies, except without the “music unites us all” vibe of Cameron Crowe’s single-season show. Instead, we get sexual shenanigans, wild partying, and copious vomiting, with the only moment of genuine sympathy coming from a veteran reporter offering said spewer a decades-old pack of Tums. Embeds lands on go90 on January 18.


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