Since he's currently got the number one movie in the country, The Ghost Of Michael Jackson is obviously the most in-demand celebrity ghost interview right now. (Well, besides The Ghost Of Madonna Past, but she never grants interviews, and The Ghost Of Marilyn Monroe, who is too busy haunting the factory where Lindsay Lohan's leggings are manufactured to speak publicly.) But who will get the exclusive Ghost Of Michael Jackson sit-down? Diane Sawyer? Oprah? Barbara Walters? The animatronic Larry King puppet that seamlessly replaced Larry King 5 years ago?  A Lays potato chip in which his face mysteriously appears? 

No, as it turns out, the Ghost Of Michael Jackson has chosen to speak to some British psychic named Derek Acora, possibly via runes or limited edition King Of Pop lithograph that has started crying real tears, live on Sky TV tomorrow night.  (If you leave within the next couple of hours, you'll still make it to England in time to see it all live.)

(via Idolator)

Why would The Ghost Of Michael Jackson choose some British psychic for his first TV interview, and not some good ol' American psychic like, say, James Van Praagh (Who The Ghost Of Michael Jackson briefly spoke to back in June)? Well, Derek Acora is clearly the better medium. He has his own official 2010 calendar:


while James Van Praagh is still selling "Energy Vibration" bracelets.

Clearly, Acora is more serious about pretending to channel dead celebrities in front of a live studio audience—and when you're at the top of your afterlife career like The Ghost Of Michael Jackson is, you've got to be channeled by the best.