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Get your plumbus ready for a sneak peek at the Rick And Morty VR game

The world of Rick And Morty is a weird, awful, dangerous place. (Just ask all the planets that didn’t have Ice-T around to save them when the giant, reality-TV-loving heads came calling.) VR, then, seems like the safest way to explore it, which makes it very convenient that Owlchemy Labs—the folks behind the HTC Vive hit Job Simulator—has teamed up with creator Justin Roiland to do exactly that. The Rick And Morty VR game won’t be debuted in full until Comic-Con next week, but we’ve got a short and sweet teaser trailer to get us ready for all the plumbus-slapping fun.


The preview is set in Rick’s garage (although, according to Polygon, you’ll be able to use Rick’s portal gun to explore other worlds), and mostly entails the usual VR flailing around, while Roiland—who voices both of the title characters, and who apparently contributed tons of ad-libbed material and ideas to the game—yells enthusiastically in your ears. Given how much crazy stuff Rick tends to keep on hand—there’s a card for Andy Daly’s cheerful hitman Krombopulos Michael on the garage’s bulletin board, right next to a blueprint for an absolutely vile-looking spin on the show’s popular Mr. Meeseeks—it should be pretty fun, even if it doesn’t quite match the scope and emotional depth of a more robust VR experience like Roy: A Life Well-Lived.

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