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Get a better look at Westworld’s Man In Black in a new trailer

Sexy Naked Renegade Robot Cowboys is kind of a mouthful, which probably explains why HBO decided to stick with the title of the 1973 Michael Crichton movie upon which its new series Westworld is based. And while that title isn’t quite as explanatory, it’s still pretty evocative of the universe this “mature version”of the sci-fi Western presents. Think Jurassic Park, but with Old West tropes instead instead of dinosaurs, along with generous dollops of implied nudity.


The show’s teaser trailer from back in June only offered the briefest of glimpses of the mysterious android villain known as The Man In Black, forcing us to wrack our brains trying to figure out what Ed Harris might look like dressed in dark clothing. Not so with this new trailer, which features a couple different shots of the character shooting people (or robots) in a bad guy sort of way. We also get lots of Anthony Hopkins and Jeffrey Wright as the morally complex creative and technical minds behind the whole thing, not to mention Evan Rachel Wood barely emoting and James Marsden over-emoting (skills at which each excel). On the whole, it looks more than a little intriguing.

Westworld will come a’jingle-jangle-jingling onto HBO on October 2.

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