While the eyes of America are looking toward Conan, Leno, and Letterman to see what NBC jabs they'll work into their shows tonight, tucked away in the distant, shadowy, Very Funny™ realm of TBS, George Lopez is doing Chola makeovers on Avatar posters, and in the process quietly re-inventing late night. How? According to his website, by making it into a party! 

It's about time someone brought the party back to late night, right? It's all just so lifeless and serious. Watching shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien is like staring into empty, eerily quiet birthday rooms at Chuck E. Cheese. You know what those rooms need? Parties!  And George Lopez is so serious about bringing the party back to late night, he even has a party bus.


True, the Lopez Tonight party bus is no longer active, but you have to give Lopez credit for modernizing a long-forgotten late night classic. There hasn't been a late night talk show party vehicle since Steve Allen's introduction of The Tonight Show Mildy Exuberant Get-Together Edsel.

So, what kind of party is George Lopez bringing to late night? Apparently the kind of party that encourages public humiliation:


(They should consider simplifying the above to "Do you want to embarrass yourself on television?")

But Lopez Tonight is also a makeover party:


As well as the kind of party where you stage an intervention for a friend or family member:


And because there ain't no party like a DNA-testing-to-determine-who-has-a-greater-percentage-of-Sub-Saharan-African-genes party, Lopez Tonight is going to be that kind of party too:


(via AV New York contributor, MaxSilvestri)

To sum up: Lopez Tonight is a show full of public humiliations, makeovers, awkward family interventions, and DNA testing.  Basically, George Lopez is bringing Maury to late night. Party!