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John Lee and Vernon Chatman are responsible for some of the most awe- and fear-inspiring television of the last decade. First they amused you with Wonder Showzen. Then they confused you with Xavier: Renegade Angel. Finally, they amused, confused, and occasionally disgusted you with The Heart, She Holler, a sorta-parody of nighttime soaps that features far more viscera than Dallas could ever dream of. The first two seasons were a fever dream of redneck weirdness and alternate realities: Patton Oswalt stars as a man who grew up bricked into a wall, but was eventually freed to take over the town that had been previously run by his now-deceased (but somehow very much alive) father. The third season begins on December 1 on Adult Swim, and the above trailer will offer no clues about what came before, or what’s coming next. (Or will it?) It does reveal that some new actors are onboard, including 30 Rock’s Scott Adsit and Eastbound & Down’s Steve Little.


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