In Polite Fight, we examine the cinematic storytelling of our favorite TV shows, sometimes even fighting over them—politely, of course.

“The Winds Of Winter” was a standout Game Of Thrones finale both in style and quality, which gives John and Gus plenty to talk about. A comment from Alien Jesus notes that the episode’s opening sequence doesn’t feel like Game Of Thrones, and our hosts agree, with Gus arguing that the soundtrack and Cersei’s costume are the two elements that feel most distinctive. We also take a close look at the High Sparrow’s demise and debate some subtle foreshadowing in Tommen’s scenes. We wrap up in the North with a look at the shot that perfectly encapsulates the multi-faceted dynamic of Jon and Sansa’s relationship.

We’re not sure what show Polite Fight will be tackling next, but we’re mulling over a couple of candidates, so stay tuned. Thank you for your insights in the comment threads, and thanks for watching!