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FXX’s first Simpsons promo, for one, welcomes our new animated overlords

The Simpsons is no stranger to apocalyptic scenarios, be they Bart-made, dome-made, or all-singing-all-dancing-ape-made. But the show hasn’t destroyed any civilizations on the other side of the TV screen—yet. At least that’s the implication of FXX’s new “Every. Simpsons. Ever.” promo, in which the network indulges every smart-aleck comment about nonstop Simpsons reruns causing an impending drop in productivity by portraying a catastrophic drop in productivity caused by nonstop Simpsons reruns. “We’re all gonna die,” says the promo’s tagline, quoting “Kamp Krusty” in a preview of our flooded, dystopian world where out-of-context Simpsons dialogue is the sole means of human communication. (There’s no mention of how the electricity stays on in this hilarious, hilarious hellscape, but someone’s probably too busy watching “Last Exit To Springfield” to figure that out.) As a potential solution to this imagined future’s problems, has anyone considered boosting productivity with motivational techniques, like donuts? And the possibility of more donuts to come?


Oh God, it’s already happening.

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