Saga #7

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Saga (Book One) ($30.67)

Our readers have been buying Saga at a slow and steady pace, and it’s high time we push this on the rest of you: This comic is fantastic. Our own Oliver Sava wrote of one of the early issues, “There’s a perfect balance between the epic and the personal, resulting in a story that consistently resonates emotionally without sacrificing spectacle. And oh, what spectacle it is.”

Zombie survival gift set with red and white wines, a T-shirt, and a book of tips ($30.00)


When the zombie apocalypse comes, don’t be forced to choose between zinfandel red or chardonnay white.

Logitech PC accessories (up to 50% off, price varies)


If you’ve been meaning to replace your janky mouse or get a new webcam, today’s a good day.

iZombie second season ($2.99 per episode or $29.99 for a season pass)


Speaking of zombie apocalypses, Liv and the rest of Seattle might be facing one. As Carrie Raisler wrote in her review of the second-season finale, “iZombie knows how to bring a season home.”

Emoji kickball hacky sacks ($8.78)


Proof that there are still items left to slap emoji on.

Farberware Spiraletti spiral vegetable slicer ($21.99)


If you’re going to have a one-trick-pony kitchen gadget, you could do worse than one that makes noodles out of vegetables.

Batman alarm clock ($14.99)


This is in the kid’s section, but we won’t judge if you get this for yourself.

Kewpie mayonnaise ($9.96)


Food editor Kevin Pang is obsessed with this stuff.