Pretty Little Liars is ending soon, but I. Marlene King already has another series about pretty little liars in the works at Freeform. King’s Famous In Love stars Bella Thorne as ordinary college student Paige (who, as far as we can tell, doesn’t have a proclivity for drowning people like Paige on Pretty Little Liars). Paige’s life gets turned upside down when she lands a role in a major Hollywood film franchise, and she finds herself having to figure out what it means to be this famous and also what to do when you have burning chemistry with both of your co-leads. The series is based on a novel by Rebecca Serle.

Today, Freeform released the first full-length trailer for Famous In Love, and it promises dark secrets, drama, and lots of making out—all staples of Pretty Little Liars—but so far it doesn’t look like anyone is getting murdered. But Thorne looks poised to break out of her “former Disney star” box with her leading role in Famous In Love, which also stars Charlie DePew (The Goldbergs), Keith Powers (R.I.P. Faking It), Carter Jenkins (The Following), Niki Koss, and Georgie Flores.


“The brighter the spotlight, the darker the secrets,” the trailer boasts. Serle and King co-wrote the project, and Miguel Arteta (Getting On) directed the pilot. Despite the lack of anonymous text message threats and murder weapons in the trailer, the show already has a similar look and vibe to its Freeform big sister. In fact, according to King, 90 percent of the crew on Famous In Love came straight from Pretty Little Liars. It’s all in the family!

Famous In Love will premiere in April 2017, right after the spring premiere of Pretty Little Liars’ final season, so you can wash those secrets down with more secrets.