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Fourth season of Girls to further humiliate Marnie through song

“We have tried to take it to a new notch with Marnie singing embarrassing songs in public places,” Lena Dunham explains in HBO’s new trailer for the fourth season of Girls, and that’s really all we need to know. Yes, there are other details that the cast members share in the video: Hannah goes to Iowa, Shoshanna meets her parents, and there will be more guest stars than a Sonny & Cher Christmas special. But the most important thing is that the humiliation of aspiring pop star Marnie Michaels (portrayed to hilarious effect by Allison Williams) will continue apace. It’s hard to imagine that Marnie will manage to craft new lyrics that match exquisite morsels of season-three wisdom like “Religion is a smile on a dog.” On the other hand, she does threaten to scat.


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