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Forrest Gump vs. Benjamin Button

By now you've probably spent entire minutes of your life complaining to anyone who can't get away that The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button is a lot like Forrest Gump. Now, thanks to this video from Talk Show With Spike Ferensten (the new Mad TV!) you don't even have to use words anymore. Just point at your computer screen and grunt. Complaint registered.


(via IWatchStuff)

If Benjamin Button is Forrest Gump stretched to 3 hours and covered in CGI, which it basically is, then I'm pretty sure that makes Hurricane Katrina the new AIDS—that little plot twist or barely considered framing device that can give your film the extra gravitas boost it needs to get 13 Oscar nominations. When I saw Benjamin Button in New Orleans on Christmas Day (true story), I wondered why the sold-out theater applauded at the end of the movie. It wasn't just because applauding at the end of movies is an epidemic of annoying proportions that's now seized an entire nation. No, it was because that audience had wisely recognized that Hurricane Katrina is now the new "important drama" shortcut—which means more movies shot in New Orleans in pursuit of becoming that sweet, sweet Oscar bait, which means more money for the local economy.

With any luck, Benjamin Button's House O' Grits will be opening alongside Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. locations everywhere within the next few months.