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Forget Archer Vice, this new teaser is all about Archer, P.I.

A few seasons ago, FX’s Archer took a season-long foray into the world of illicit drug dealing, unofficially renaming the show Archer Vice. This new teaser for the show’s upcoming seventh season is a love letter to a different classic of ‘80s television, though, and Archer’s mustache and the red Ferrari should make it pretty clear which one—in case the theme song and scenes directly lifted from the Magnum, P.I. opening aren’t enough of a clue. Season seven of Archer probably won’t be an extended homage to that Tom Selleck hit, but that probably wouldn’t end up being too different from the way the show normally is anyway. If Magnum, P.I. references somehow aren’t your thing, the teaser ends with a nod to a classic Archer gag that everyone can appreciate.

Archer will return to FX—not FXX, as once thought—on March 31.

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