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Flamethrowers and firing squads abound in Banshee season 4 teaser

Banshee, which is a show on Cinemax (no really, it is! And it’s good!), will soon be returning for its fourth and final season. The show depicts an arch-criminal adopting the persona of a sheriff of a small town in Pennsylvania where he must contend with his past mistakes, dueling crime interests in the town, and being passed over between airings of horrible softcore flicks.

The show is a wild ride that is full of well-executed action, intrigue, and sexy results that is a pulpy smorgasbord of fun. Created by David Schickler and Jonathan Tropper, and produced by Alan Ball, the latest season sees the addition of Eliza Dushku as a “tough, sexy FBI profiler” and apparently lots of stand-offs, explosions, and even a sweet use of a flamethrower. Who will perish in the inevitable ensuing carnage? Who will get out of the weirdly crime-riddled little town alive? And just how sexy is this FBI profiler? All questions will be answered when Banshee returns on April 1.


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